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UVSMEA 2020/2021 Council

The Council is the elected board of representatives that governs the UVSMEA.
Elected in April of each year, the council’s responsibilities are to organize educational events and supplementary learning opportunities for the UVSMEA membership.
As the governing body of a UVic Course Union, they are responsible for liaising between the Music Education students and faculty and the UVic Student Society.
As a chapter of the BCMEA, they are responsible for sharing important BC Music Education info with the UVSMEA membership.
The goal of the council is to help enrich the educational experience of all UVic Music Education students while having a positive impact on the community at large.

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Tessa Bell


Tessa is in her fifth year of Music Education at Uvic. After working with kids in camps for the past seven years, her superpowers include making up "would you rather" questions and the ability to nap anytime, anywhere. She is always honored to be involved with the UVSMEA, and is eagerly looking forward to a career as a music director and conductor. When she’s not at school, Tessa can be found hanging out with her horse Flora, or showing everyone pictures of how cute she is.

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