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The MEAP (Music Education Assistance Program) is a non-profit program run through the UVSMEA that is dedicated to supporting music in local schools.

Our goal is to provide resources to elementary, middle, and high schools in need. The MEAP raises money by running fundraisers throughout the school year. Check our social media for updates on how you can help!

If you would like your school to be considered for funding, refer to the eligibility criteria and application process below. Funding allocated to selected schools will be used to purchase instruments, classroom equipment and/or other resources depending on need.

MEAP: About

Eligibility Critera

  • Applying educator holds either a BC Ministry of Education Certificate of Qualification or an Independent School Teaching Certificate

  • Applying school is located on Vancouver Island 

  • Application will benefit a school music program with students in the K-12 range

  • Applicant demonstrates financial need and evidence of other fundraising efforts

MEAP: About

Application Process

  • Applications open: January 1st, 2021.

  • Submit an application by email or mail to the UVSMEA by April 1st, 2021.

    • 1 page report including a summary of the music program, applying educator’s background and qualifications, a detailed description of the item(s) being requested and how it will enhance the existing program, how many students will be served by the new item, and a summary of steps taken to find funding through other avenues (fundraising, school district, PAC, etc.)

    • A summarized version of the music program’s current budget in order to demonstrate financial need

    • 1 letter of support from a school administrator

  • Applications are processed and reviewed by the MEAP Committee and funding is allocated based on available resources

MEAP: About

Questions? Contact us!

Scott Gordon, MEAP coordinator

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